New Resource: Libguide on LGBTQ Writers and Artists in Special Collections

Hornbake Library’s Literature and Rare Books collection contains many excellent works by LGBTQ writers and artists.  If you would like to learn more about works by LGBTQ people in Literature and Rare Books but aren’t sure where to start, we have the solution.  Exploring Hornbake’s holdings from LGBTQ writers is easier than ever with our new subject guide, LGBTQ Writers and Artists in Special Collections!

The writers in this guide wrote in different time periods, countries, and genres.  Some of the works deal explicitly with LGBTQ themes while others do not discuss them at all.  However, all of these works highlight the contributions of LGBTQ writers to fiction, poetry, and non-fiction.  This guide also features the contributions of LGBTQ people to other parts of the bookmaking process such as publishing, printing, and illustration.

For more resources on LGBTQ writers search our catalog or contact us!

Caroline Ackiewicz, Candidate for Master of Library & Information Science, University of Maryland.

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