William Still and The Underground Railroad

In 1872 William Still published The Underground Railroad, a book describing the accounts of African Americans who had escaped slavery through the Underground Railroad.  Still, an influential leader in the abolitionist movement, provided first hand assistance to hundreds of people escaping slavery.  The Underground Railroad is notable because it is the only first person history of the Underground Railroad written and published by an African American.

Hornbake is fortunate to have two editions of this essential text, one published in 1872 and one published in 1883.  The Literature and Rare Books collection also contains other works by Still such as An Address on Voting and Laboring, in which Still explained why he was supporting a reform candidate over the Republican candidate in the Philadelphia mayoral race.  

For more information about our holdings in Literature and Rare Books contact us!

Caroline Ackiewicz, Candidate for Master of Library & Information Science, University of Maryland.

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