New Resource: STEM in Rare Books

When people come to Hornbake to explore our Literature and Rare Books collection they are often viewing our works from a historical or literary perspective.  While it’s true that students studying history and English can find a wealth of resources in our collections collection, the same is equally true for students in STEM.  Whether you study biology, astronomy, engineering, or math you can find early texts on those subjects in Rare Books.  And it’s now easier than ever with a new libguide on STEM in Rare Books!

The goal of this guide is not necessarily to direct readers to scientifically accurate information, but rather to provide insight into what theories and concepts were common when the work was published.  The texts in this guide were published in different countries and languages and span a variety of time periods; from the Renaissance to the Victorian era.  The books feature the writing of well known scientists such as Galileo Galilei, Francis Bacon, and Charles Darwin as well as works by figures you may be less familiar with like George Bate, Benjamin Banneker, and Mary Sommerville.

If you have questions or want to explore more of our holdings contact us!

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