Digitized Early Modern Books

Until UMD Libraries are able to reopen, digital copies of books are one of the best ways to take advantage of library resources.  Through modern technology you can now access some of the oldest and most fascinating items in the Literature and Rare Books collection.

The Internet Archive includes digitized copies of some of the highlights from Hornbake’s collection of Early Modern Books.  One notable item is the digitized copy of the Biblia Sacra, a Bible published in Latin in 1516.  The Biblia Sacra contains excellent woodcut illustrations of biblical stories such as Noah’s Ark or Moses and the Ten Commandments, as well as annotations made by previous readers.

Another notable Early Modern text that is accessible through the Internet Archive is the Eikon Basilike, a text that is professed to be the spiritual autobiography of King Charles I.  Charles I was executed in the aftermath of the English Civil War, and the Eikon Basilike became a popular text among the defeated Royalists.  Reading the Eikon Basilike reveals a great deal about the political and religious state of Britain following the English Civil War.

For more information Hornbake’s Early Modern holdings check out our Early Modern libguide, which has recently been updated with links to digital resources or contact us!

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