Exploring Labor’s History Through the AFL-CIO Poster Collection: A Blog Series (Part 3)


The above poster was created decades after the one before. AFL-CIO presidents George Meany and Lane Kirkland made opposing South Africa’s policy of apartheid a major aspect of their tenure. The poster depicted above is from a series of rallies organized by the AFL-CIO called the “Day of Solidarity With the Victims of Apartheid.” The AFL-CIO held a rally in DC along with other cities across the United States, and it memorialized the 26th anniversary of the Sharpeville massacre in South Africa. The AFL-CIO also encouraged union members to participate in other protest activities such as cutting up their Shell credit cards and mailing them to the AFL-CIO headquarters. For me, not only does this poster help represent the scope of the collection, but it demonstrates the scope of the AFL-CIO, how the organization has changed throughout history and how its mission has led it to work towards national and international goals.

Contact us at askhornbake@umd.edu for more information about this collection in our Labor Collections.


Benjamin Bradley is a second year MLIS student in the College of Information Studies at the University of Maryland. He works in the Labor Collections at UMD’s Special Collections and University Archives. You can also find him over in McKeldin Library where he is the GA for Electronic Resources.

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