Exploring Labor’s History Through the AFL-CIO Poster Collection: A Blog Series (Part 2)


Not only does the AFL-CIO poster collection span a great period of time, its items span the globe. The collection includes posters from Poland, Germany, Finland, the United Kingdom, and several other countries. One of the strengths of these international posters are items created by the Polish labor union, Solidarność, “solidarity.” The poster depicted above is one such poster. It reads Głosuj na Solidarność translates to “Vote for Solidarity.” The poster collection not only includes several posters created by the union, but also includes posters created by the AFL-CIO about the movement in Poland and some featuring images of the union’s leader, Lech Wałęsa. Working with these posters required some research as I was unfamiliar with the union and its history. By processing the posters and researching about Solidarity to help with my work, I learned about Solidarity and Wałęsa

Contact us at askhornbake@umd.edu for more information about this collection in our Labor Collections.

Benjamin Bradley is a second year MLIS student in the College of Information Studies at the University of Maryland. He works in the Labor Collections at UMD’s Special Collections and University Archives. You can also find him over in McKeldin Library where he is the GA for Electronic Resources.


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