Alice Goes to the Movies!

CarolMarsh1.pngAlmost everyone has seen Disney’s famous 1951 film adaptation of Alice in Wonderland, and fans of Johnny Depp are sure to have seen him starring as the Mad Hatter in Tim Burton’s 2010 adaptation. But did you know that since 1903, over 35 films and television programs have reinterpreted Alice?

Hornbake Library is excited to announce a three-part film series- Alice Goes to the Movies. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to see early Alice films and learn about how they were saved from the passage of time. David H. Schaefer, longtime Lewis Carroll collector and Alice film expert, will be sharing some of the highlights of his Alice film collection and discussing the process of restoring and digitizing them.

Join us on April 7th from 4:30-6:00pm in Hornbake Library, Room 0302H for our first film night. Dr. Schaffer will be opening the film series with a brief introduction titled “Did Lewis Carroll ever see a motion picture?“.  Afterward, munch on popcorn as we watch the two earliest, silent film adaptations of Alice from 1903 and 1910. We’ll wrap up the night with the 1933 cartoon Betty in Wonderland, where director Dave Fleischer sends Betty Boop to Wonderland via the subway.

Alice at the Movies Flyer

All are welcome – unless you are the Queen of Hearts! Whether you are interested in learning about film preservation or are one of many Alice fans, you are certain to enjoy a one-of-a-kind adventure in Wonderland. Directions and parking information can be found online.

Don’t forget to visit our Alice 150 Years and Counting: Legacy of Lewis Carroll exhibit, currently on display in Hornbake Library, to explore all things Alice. If you are a film/theater/music fan, don’t miss the exhibit AHall1lice in the Performing Arts, now on display in the Lowens Reading Room at the Peforming Arts Library. This companion exhibit features unique Alice film items, like this book of previously unpublished Walt Disney illustrations. Visit our online exhibit and take a look at some of the illustrations inside this and other Alice items on display!



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