Class Assignments in Special Collections and University Archives

Not only can can make requests, place duplication orders, and manage your special collections research online, now it’s easier for professors to collaborate with special collections staff to organize class tours and assignments using our collections.

Get started by registering online

Once you register, you will be able to remotely request materials from Special Collections and University Archives, the Prange Collection, and Special Collections in Preforming Arts. The first time you visit the reading room after registering, you will be asked to present a valid university-issued or government-issued photo ID to confirm your identity.

With a special collections research account, collaborating with special collections staff on classes and tours is easier than ever. Is there a set of primary sources you would like to use for a class assignment? Professors can create a list of materials on a particular subject, request them using their research account, and keep the materials on hold in the Maryland Room for their class. Students can visit the Maryland Room to access the materials quickly, spending more time doing their research. Teaching the class again next semester? With your research account, you can pull up your request history and have special collections staff place the same materials on hold again.

Visit the reading room in person for help from special collections staff setting up your account and to inquire about using Special Collections and University Archives materials for a class assignment or tour.

For more information, follow us @hornbakeLibrary on Twitter or follow Special Collections and University Archives on WordPress.

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