Starting August 1, all researchers using Special Collections and University Archives, the Prange Collection, and Special Collections in Performing Arts at the University of Maryland will need to create an online account to use materials in the reading room. We know you will have questions about the new policy, and we are here to help!


One of the exciting change is that researchers will be able to place photoduplication orders online. This makes it easier to submit orders and allows you to monitor your photocopy or scanning orders, including the current status of the order and cost. You can also retrieve an invoice for the completed order through your account.

The process for ordering photocopies and scans works very much like requesting an item.  You start the process directly from the catalog record or finding aid or within your account.  For example, a researcher who visited the Maryland Room to view and 1897 edition of ‘Through the Looking Glass’, selects ‘New Photoduplication Request’:


Click on the image for a larger view.

The researcher then fills in the details of their photoduplication request, including the pages they want copied, format options, shipping options, service level options, and other special requests.  By clicking ‘Submit Request’ , the researcher sends the order to special collections staff for processing.


Click on the image for a larger view.

You can track the status from this screen as special collections staff create an invoice, process payment, and delivers the item to you.  Another exciting change is that researchers requesting digital copies will be able to retrieve their files online through this account!

All your reading room requests, including photoduplication orders are easily accessible online in one location. It will help you better manage your requests and organize your special collections research. Special collections staff will continue to provide information about these changes leading up to, and following the August 1 launch.

Until then, follow us @hornbakeLibrary on Twitter or sign up to follow Special Collections and University Archives on wordpress.

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