‘How We Might Live’ Features Invitations from William Morris

How We Might Live: The Vision of William Morris, an exhibit highlighting the life and work of English designer and author William Morris (1834-1896), will showcase a new Morris-related item every month.

For the month of April, two pieces of unique ephemera are on display.  An Invitation to View a Tapestry from Morris & Co., dated April 1890, invites the recipient to view an Arras tapestry designed by Edward Burne-Jones for the chapel at Exeter College, Oxford.  Morris & Co. created a variety of furnishings for religious institutions and private homes.

The second piece of ephemera is an Invitation to Socialist League Meeting, dated February 15th, 1890.  The Hammersmith Branch of the Socialist League, founded by Morris in 1885, often hosted lectures and other social events to share socialist ideas and enjoy the company of fellow party members.


Both invitations include decorative elements characteristic of Morris’s style, particularly leaf and flower embellishments.  Would you be enticed by either of these charming invitations?  Come take a look  in person in Hornbake Library at the University of Maryland, or view both invitations on our online exhibit.

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