A Fine Collection



Since this is the last official Postcard Wednesday of 2012, I was feeling some pressure to find the perfect postcard.  Should we look at all the not-terribly-amusing 1910s in-jokes?  Or the many postcards sent from hospitals, detailing aches and pains and illnesses?  After all, it would be hard to top the driving turkeys, or the Mystery of the Missing Skirt.  So I thought, “Well, I’ll try to figure out Olive and Norman’s story, and hopefully it will be interesting.”  Olive and Norman came through!  (WordPress did not, though, and has decided to put all the images at the top of the page this week.  Sorry about that!)

Both of these cards were sent in 1910 to Miss Olive Feltner from “Norman.”  The Rockville Baptist Church card, sent in July, went to Bluemont, Virginia from an unknown location (the stamp is hand-canceled).  The Montgomery County National Bank card was…

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