10 Things… about student publications

A great description of some of the many holdings in the University of Maryland University Archives . . . It’s definitely worth stopping by to experience some fantastic student work!

Terrapin Tales

We hope your enjoy our new series highlighting ten interesting things from a wide variety of collections and topics represented in the University Archives.  First up: student publications at Maryland.

1. Bones, Molars, and Briefs may just be the best yearbook name ever. The professional schools in Baltimore gave their annual yearbook this name in 1897 in honor of their three branches – medical, dental, and law. This publication turned into the Terra Mariae in the early 1900s, select copies of which are digitized on our website.

2. The Old Line, first published in 1930, is easily the most entertaining magazine to peruse due to its puns, jokes, poems, cartoons, and slightly scandalous content. Take, for example, the list of junior girls without prom dates published in a 1933 issue which included “helpful” descriptors of each woman (e.g. brainy, loquacious, pseudo-sweet, and kittenish).

3. The Maryland Cow…

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