Green Office

Everybody loves the environment (at least I like to pretend they do) and to ensure that it will be there for the future, everyone can help by making small changes to reduce their environmental footprint.

To show our commitment to sustainable living Hornbake Library’s 1st floor is GOING GREEN!

We are participating in the Green Office Program, which supports the University of Maryland’s Climate Action Plan and Strategic Plan to become a “national model for a green university.” Striving towards sustainability helps save critical natural resources and save money too. So really we’re saving green by being green!

Some of the things we are doing are super easy and almost no brainers, but when done on such a large scale they can have a huge impact. The easiest one was to ensure that windows are tightly closed to prevent heated or cooled air from leaking out, since the library has sealed all the windows to maintain climate control to protect the books we were already on our way to being green.

We also

  • turn out the lights,
  •  turn off our computers,
  • use energy efficient appliances,
  • recycle everything and anything that’s recyclable,
  • print double sided copies and more!

What kinds of things do you do to be green? Let us know!

Erika W., Student Assistant at the Special Collections


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