For our HIST208 students . . .

Student StudyingWelcome to #UMDStudy!

Over the course of this semester, you will learn about primary source research. Follow us on Twitter (@SpecCollUM), as well as Facebook and our other social media sites, and by the end of this semester you will have a better understanding of how to use the special collections to ace your next project.

Our tips and resources strive to coordinate with a general plan for successfully researching a semester-long project, so you get the best possible grade.

Feel free to share your own research tips using the tag #UMDStudy–we welcome your input!

Remember that the librarians at UMD’s libraries are always ready to help. Please visit us or contact us for help at any time, day or night! Best wishes for your semester: enjoy yourself!

Topics for #UMDStudy:

  • What is a research strategy? What are primary sources? Secondary sources? What formats might a primary source be in? What tools can you use to find and identify primary source material?
  • What are Special Collections? Where are they located at UMD and off-campus? What is an archive, library, archivist, librarian, curator? How do you contact the information experts?
  • What policies and procedures may you expect when accessing and using a special collection for research? How do you interpret different forms of primary source materials? How do you use and cite primary sources appropriately?
  • What are some hints and tips for finishing your research paper? What study tips can help improve your finals scores? Where can you go to balance exam crams with fun?

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